An official with 3 regrets

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An official with 3 regrets

An official with 3 regrets

Master Seoae said that he had 3 regrets in latter days.

"The first is that I couldn't have return the favors from the king and my parents. The second is that I couldn't have retire easily from my positions in the government which are too many and high for me. The last is that I couldn't have achieve anything despite my will to learn the morality."

What a modest view of life he has!

When he came back to his hometown after being removed from Yeongeuijeong, he was too poor and he managed to maintain his life with acorns or vegetables. In 1605(38th year of Seonjo), he lost his house due to the flood. He stayed in Yokyeonjeongsa for a while, and moved to Seomiri, near Hakga-san(a mountain) in Pungsan-eup in September.

Next year, he made Nonghwanjae, which was a straw house. After 2 years of hiding, he deceased away in May 6(lunar calendar), 1607(40th year of Seonjo) at the age of 66.

At that time, his first son had already deceased and he had a 11-year-old grand son, Joljae Wonji.

He held a position of Jeongseung(a prime minister) for 10 years, but he was famous for his integrity. According to his will, his funeral was very simple and neat. His tomb was prepared in Su-dong, Pungsan-eup.

At his tomb, there is a tombstone written as "Yeongeuijeong-munchunggong-seoae-ryuseonsaeng-jimyo(A tomb of Master Seoae Ryu who was Yeongeuijeong Munchunggong)". A memorial stone was not installed, according to his will. His wife was also entombed.

The sentences of tombstone were written by his grand son Joljae Ryu Wonji and Lee Sangjeong, who was the 6th descendant, wrote the actual letters of the tombstone in 1764(40th year of Yeonggjo). Imyeojae Ryu Gyu installed the stone.

Sudongjaesa(a tomb managing house) was very big in size and located away from the tomb. At first, the house was located near the tomb, but his grand son Joljae moved it.