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Seoae Ryu Seongryong

Seoae Ryu Seongryong

His child name is Igyeon, and pen name is Seoae. His family origin is Pungsan.
As a follower of Tuegye Lee Hwang(1501~1570), he founded the form of Confucianims in Yeongnam area and Tuegye studies with Hakbong Kim Seongil(1538~1593).

In 1564(19th year of Myeongjong), he passed a lower grade examination for government officials. Then, he entered Seonggyungwan and kept on studying. In 1566 when he became 25, he finally passed the examination in the humanity department.
His first position for the government was Gwonjibu-jeongja in Seungmunwon. From then on, he held important positions like Yemungwan and Chunchugwan, mostly in academical or art fields.

With his high academical success and fairness, he was selected by a king and held third grade positions like Daesagan in Dangsanggwan, Ubuseungji, and Doseungji when he was 41(1582). Then he was promoted to Daesaheon, which is the second grade position.

In 1590, he promoted again to Ueuijeong and was declared as Pungwonbuwongun due to his role of third place among Gwanggukgongsin. He came to hold an additional position of Ijopanseo and promoted to Jwaeuijeong in1591. For the preparation of the invasion of Japan, he recommended Gwon Yul who was Hyeongjijeongrang to Euiju-moksa and Lee Sunsin who was Jeongeup-hyeongam to Jeollado-jwasusa.

After the invasion of Japan occurred in 1592, he held an additional position of Hyeongjopanseo to manage all military works. Since he became Yeongeuijeong, he also held 4Dodochechalsa to control the military and trained troops. During the invasion, he did his best to overcome the overall hardships in the center of governmental system.

He was famous for his studies, calligraphies, letters, and noble mind. Especially, his integrity received very sincere trusts from his followers. He was enshrined by his followers in BSSW in Andong, his followers, descendants, and famous families in Pungsan area helped to keep his memorial tablet.

Even though Seowon was built after his death, the location was selected by him.
He wrote: Seoaejip, Sinjongrok, Jingbirok, Unamjapgi, Sangryegojeung, Muodangbo, and Chimgyeongyoeui. Also he edited: Daehakyeoneuicho, Hwanghwajip, Gugyeongyeoneui, Jeongchungrok, Hyogyeongdaeeui and so on. His name for poems is Munchung.